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Customised Steering Wheels by PearlCraft

At PearlCraft our business is customising and enhancing steering wheels.

The formative years of PearlCraft began in the 1940's and the time honoured tradition of yesteryear continues today. We take enormous pride in each and every job that is undertaken.

Car Steering Wheels

The process requires your wheel to be sent to us and with the world being a much smaller place these days this is usually only a postage stamp away. Once your wheel has arrived we will transform it into something beautiful, with pearl and marble finishes being our speciality. However, if you also require a wheel please feel free to browse through our range of wheels that we have for sale.

Truck Steering Wheels

We offer a supply and pearl service using quality brand wheels tailored to suit your truck, changeover service for certain types of wheels or we can restore and pearl your wheel.

International shipping is available on all our wheels, with wheels being received and shipped to all corners of the globe!

We are not re-casters, all work is done as it was in a bygone era, totally and progressively by hand.

Always work with pride, let quality be your guide!